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Blackcurrant hydrate, mature, combination skin

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Anti-aging, tightening and toning effect.

A perfect tonic replacement straight from nature! All skin types can benefit from its use. Mainly recommended for mature, oily and showing the first signs of aging skin, mature- can be used as an independent product or part of homemade cosmetics.

Suffices for: about 3 months (assuming one application per day).

Our next novelty is the blackcurrant hydrolate, which is a raw material obtained from the branches and buds of Ribes Nigrum. Containing flavonoids it has a part in the leveling of  free radicals. For this reason, blackcurrant is an excellent ally of both women and men in their anti-aging care. In addition, it holds anti-aging properties. Like any of the Creamy brand hydrolate, it’s pH similar to that of the skin, making it a great natural tonic replacement.

Vegan product in a less waste glass container. Contains atomizer.

Use of blackcurrant hydrolate:
As an independent product – tonic – to hydrate and refresh the skin. As a component of cosmetic formulations – in emulsions, creams, lotions – as a water substitute. In clay masks – as a mask base.
Due to its properties, it can be  especially enjoyed a by  owners of fallowing skin types:
• aging, mature – for its anti-aging properties,
• oily – for it firming properties.
DOSAGE AND PRACTICAL NOTES: Up to 100%. It is ideal as a stand-alone product, but also as raw material supplementing the action of oil.

INCI: Ribes Nigrum Leaf Water, Benzyl Alcohol *, Dehydroacetic Acid *, Aqua **
* preservatives and ingredients supporting their operation, approved by organizations certifying natural cosmetics (Ecocert, Cosmos), required in the product to maintain its quality and microbiological purity, and thus to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria.
** water content is 0.03%

STORAGE: At room temperature. Protect against direct light.
SAFETY APPLICATION: For external use only. Do not use directly on wounded skin including the following of invasive cosmetic procedures.

WARNING !: Natural does not mean non-allergic!


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