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50 ml

Amber glass bottle with atomizer

Country of origin: France

Somewhere in the south of France, in the middle of a wild National Park, stands an old stone house.

Small pieces of this material laid tightly and impressively high, often without mortar at all, take on the form of fences, residences and churches in this region.

They fit into the landscape as discreetly as if they grew here along with the grass, trees and herbs.

During the day it is quiet and at night it is quiet and completely dark – at night hardly any lanterns, street lamps or neon lights burn here.

The stone slate house is surrounded by a starry reserve.

We sleep in a small hut outside, which formerly served as a drying room for sweet chestnuts.

To our surprise at night it is warm here and during the day pleasantly cool – heated stone gives off and takes away heat exactly when you need it to.

Inside there is a double bed and one chair. There is no reception, no WiFi.

The first night we cannot sleep, there is no lock in the door and beyond we hear the intense nightlife of the Park.

On the second night we sleep like babies. From now on it will always be like that when we are there.

There is no sleep like the kind that happens in perfect conditions, a world away from the sounds and lights of other humans.

Not far from the house there is a beautiful old laurel tree. We take some leaves from it to be used for our soups and sauces at home. We stuff them in our pockets and translator Agata rubs them between her fingers.

“This will be perfect for a hydrosol”, says our friend, the owner of the stone house. “We’ll use the cooperative distillery and go to the village to distill it. We just need to collect leaves with as few branches as possible at the right time. With 2 kg of herbs we will prepare 1 litre of hydrosol for you. It will be lovely.”

We bring the bay laurel back to Poland to check it in our laboratory.

After a few months of research we already know what we hold in our hands. We read documents with blushes on our faces.


– It moisturizes,

– It tones, refreshes and regenerates the skin,

– Soothes irritations and redness of the skin,

– Has a relaxing and soothing effect on the skin,

– Softens the skin,

– Prevents the skin from become shiny,

– Improves the overall appearance of the skin,

– Suitable for combination and oily skin.

Confirmed antibacterial activity.

Laurel hydrosol is a cosmetic product that can be recommended for facial skin care in people with oily, combination and dry skin and for those with tendency for acne.

The description is dry and concise, but that’s what we needed – certainty. Because we already have so much love for this little stinker.

It reminds us of the places we want to go back to and the real smells of nature – strong and herbal, sometimes grassy, sometimes slightly acidic like morning dew on hay, the end of the gravel road along the slope of the mountain, and a night under the stars in a chestnut hut.

We would like to invite you to the world distilled from laurel leaves.

About hydrosols:

Hydrosols are produced by distilling whole plants or their parts with steam. In a word, hydrosols are herbal or flower water infusions. They retain active substances of the plants from which they were prepared, this is why using hydrosols is a great and natural method to keep the skin refreshed and moisturized. We recommend using them as a makeup remover, skin cleanser or moisturizer just before applying oil or cream. Their beautiful scents have aromatherapeutic effects, relaxing and relieving stress out – or if you like – stimulating you into action.

The above product is 100% natural. Its aroma, color and consistency may differ slightly from batch to batch.

Ingredients (INCI): Laurus Nobilis Leaf/Stem Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

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